Monday, June 4, 2012

135 W. Sharpnack Street - "Revive Philly"

As announced earlier this year we partnered with Elliott Enterprises Network to create a real estate investment company called JB Elliott Homes. Along with some other investments, we are in the initial stages of a rehab project for a 3-story triplex in the West Mt Airy section of Philadelphia, PA. The property includes three 2-bedroom apartments.

West Mt Airy is truly a wonderful neighborhood (as there are many other wonderful neighborhoods in Philly) to live and many proud homeowners are settling there with their families. There is a thriving business section located above and below the 7000 block of Germantown Avenue! Investors, neighborhood residents, and business owners are proud of the changes over the last 5-10 years! Property values appear to be consistent and strong in the area, and residents seem to appreciate their investments!

The rehabilation of the triplex is expected to be complete in August! Please contact us with any and all tenant/general inquiries about the property and business. Also, if you are interested in any of the following please contact us: rehabbing properties, buying/selling a home, investing in real estate for the first time, becoming a tenant, etc. We have resources for all your real estate inquiries! Thanks for stopping by.

Property Info.
Address: 135 W. Sharpnack Street, Philadelphia PA, 19119
Neighborhood: West Mt Airy
Property Type: Multi-Family (Triplex)
Bedrooms: 2-Bedrooms/1bathroom each apartment

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is it Magic!!! LA Dodgers being sold to Magic Johnsons Group!

WOW! Now I had to release that cheer of joy for Magic Johnson and Co! Some time last year, Magic began liquidating most of his assets to put himself in position to bid with Mark Walter of Guggenheim Partners and others. Congrats to Magic and his group because this is such an amazing milestone for the local LA community. Magic Johnson has truly become an amazing businessman, and we will continue to learn from his calculated and innovative investments!

The group, which will be called Guggenheim Baseball Management has agreed to purchase the LA Dodgers for a record $2 billion, which is almost twice the amount Stephen Ross paid for the Miami Dolphins in 2008!

This move is great for LA and the US economy because not only do the Dodgers receive new motivated owners, but they get a fan favorite for LA Sports which helps revitalize LA for tourism, future and current residents, investors in local businesses, and much more! I'm sure with Magics smile and the other investors experience they will build the Dodgers into one of the premier sports franchises! So we all at JB Sutton wish Magic and Co all the success!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Announcing JB Elliott Homes!!!

We are pleased to announce a venture capital investment with Elliott Enterprises Network, LLC (located in Philadelphia, PA) called "JB Elliott Homes, LLC"! This exciting new venture will be primarily based in the Philadelphia, PA area, as part of the agreement with Elliott Enterprises. JB Elliott Homes will take an aggressive and innovative approach with real estate in Philly! This venture will indulge in flipping, home rentals, re-developing distressed properties, consumer consulting, and more. With the resources of our company JB Sutton, along with the savvy investors at Elliott Enterprises, this venture will develop a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial real estate.

Philadelphia is blossoming with re-developing neighborhoods and diverse locations for residential and commercial investing. Full details of initial funding and the venture agreement will be disclosed at a later date, but JB Sutton and Elliott Enterprises will each hold a 50% equity stake in the venture.

If your interested in real estate investment opportunities or have any questions regarding real estate in Philadelphia please contact us here!

Stay tuned to the news and venture updates! Further details will be announced in the press release, and one can here periodic updates at our Twitter @JBSutton! As always we thank everyone for their continued support!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Capitalism v. Morals and Ethics

Capitalism is summed up as private ownership to produce goods or services, which results in the  accumulation of capital, competitive markets, voluntary exchange, and wage labor. America is a breeding ground for capitalists and capitalism, but many have neglected their personal morals and ethics along their journeys to succeed. Examples include the Enron fiasco, the recent real estate issues, and so many incidents in our history which influence typical Americans to feel Capitalists are villainous in nature.

What we feel would introduce consistent productive Americans is the direct result of Capitalism! Imagine families teaching their children to respect finances, credit cards being used responsibly, real estate being used as an investment tool along with the thought of achieving the "American Dream", and many more postliminary positive effects. As a result families would be able to inherently pass along both financial knowledge and tools, banks would be excited to see more consistent potential home owners, families would be better equipped to handle these periodic economic downturns, and the ultimate goal of decreasing the separation between the economical classes would sound more reasonable! Here at JB Sutton we typically use the term Entrepreneurship in referencing our investments to lessen the antagonistic feel of the word Capitalism!

So we feel it's our duty to internalize morals and ethics in every aspect of our company and within the team in our organization! Our hope is as we continue to grow, people will always think of us as one of the premier investing groups that consider the moral and ethical effects of all parties involved as deals finalize and relationships are built.