Thursday, August 11, 2011

Private Equity

Hello world! Many of our business associates and followers have been inquiring what private equity investing entail and how it became our investing strategy. So we decided to discuss this further, and give the JB Sutton's perspective on private equity! Private equity simply summarizes investors financial leverage to acquire minority and majority ownership in public and private companies. JB Sutton will operate its corporate structure similar to holding companies, but we plan to utilize the investment strategies of private equity firms. Many firms use sub-related strategies such as venture capital, growth capital, leveraged buyouts, and disstressed investments to depict a particular investment within a company. For example, if a company is in the beginning stages of development, most firms would consider using "venture capital" to acquire a majority or minority share in the company. At this time we have plans to provide working capital to nurture expansion in a few companies, but our goal is to create new investment strategies and continually increase the value of our company by acquiring income producing assets and equity securities.

Our company has decided to use all styles of private equity for our investments. JB Sutton is attempting to stretch the private equity market by using all the existing styles of private equity and more!

Many firms invest within the realm and experience of their principals. We feel we have a competitive advantage to invest within our own experience, but we plan to leap into industries not of our own experience using the assistance of consultants and associates within our business network! As one of our members says, we plan to become the "future of private equity investing"!

Our industries include real estate, social media advertising and marketing, energy, and entertainment media. These industries include our core markets, but we are Limitless!


Jameel M. said...

I would like to see an example, ofhow this business is handled. I am interested in learning more

Ezcash said...

Very interesting....

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