Friday, August 19, 2011

JB Sutton's Monthly "Money Tips"

Over the last few years we've noticed many people are really un-aware of their financial status, and after the most recent market turmoil we feel it's important we continue to speak the financial gospel! As employees, employers, entrepreneurs, the's important we continue to track our financial status and stability. This may include making sure one has enough emergency funds to cover any unplanned life events, ensuring your life insurance plans will cover your liabilities, etc.

So to assist our readers and the financial community we are initiating what we will refer to as the "The Money Tips"...we will post monthly tips to assist with increasing your net worth with your personal portfolio (the Money Tips will be listed in the columns on the right)! Our company doesn't currently have financial advisory services, nor do we expect our posts to serve as official guidelines to financial success. But we would hope these discussions serve as an alert system for our readers to continue to maintain their financial stability or at least begin to track one's financial status.

Always consider consulting with a licensed financial advisor or investment firm for professional assistance. Thanks for reading and good luck with your financial endeavors! 

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