Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Re-branded and Re-dedicated

Hello 2 All:

Well its nearing the end of 2010 and we've decided to re-brand our business. First, we needed a logo that was unique and innovative, so through the brilliant savvy designer listed below, we came up with the idea in the image listed with this post.

In addition to altering our design approach to our business we've broadened our thinking on the future of our investments. Not only will we continue to focus on real estate and media marketing investing, but we've decided to inquire in areas that we feel will most affect the future of business and humanity such as:
- Sustainable Energy
- Going Green
- Prolonging Life

These investments will include fund investing in the industries listed above and innovative brain storming for opportunities to increase the potential of profiting through these industries.

Furthermore, below is a list of companies/partnerships we've initiated involvement and opportunities with:

- Ville Partners, LLC
- 215 Premier Properties, LLC
- Plan USA

Please feel free to contact us at

Logo Design by Devon Sessoms


Modern sample logos said...

Very creative and innovative design. My best wishes for your business re-brand.

Mr 215 said...

Thanks for the comment...and yes our design really did a wonderful job for us! Best wishes to you as well!