Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yboomers Industries

Here is a list of the industries Yboomers will display along with editors perspectives.

1.  Reality T.V.

2.  Sports

3.  Music

4.  Fashion

5.  Politics and Current News

6.  "Tekky" Current and Upcoming Innovations

7.  What's New

8.  And many more...

WoW...along with "Y" perspective will create such an impact on the internet and world!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


YBoomers!!! This will be a social media website for today's market news, sports, music, politics, but more important from the perspective of the Generation Y voice. This generation are people born from the years 1979 - 1994.

This generation is responsible for much of the world's new innovative ideas and traditions. It is now time for these people to express their opinions to the world.

In short, the website will display weekly posts/comments on specific industry news/ventures. For example, if Kobe Bryant scores 30 points and loses game 7 in the finals, the Yboomers sports editor will give his/her perspective on the game. If Barack Obama gives a speech, the Yboomers Political editor will post his/her comments on that speech.

If anyone has any requests or concerns, please send to info@jbsutton.com. We gladly accept feedback for our ventures, and look forward to responding and communicating with others.

The website will soon be up and running. It is currently in the beginning stage of design!!!